If you’re already using a pam_usb version prior to 0.4.0, you will have to remove the older version before installing.

You do not have to do this if you’re already using >=0.4.0 or Subversion.

Remove pam_usb.so from pam.d

$ grep -r pam_usb.so /etc/pam.d
/etc/pam.d/su:auth sufficient pam_usb.so
/etc/pam.d/gdm:auth sufficient pam_usb.so

Edit every matching file and remove the pam_usb.so lines. At the end of the operation, there shouldn’t be any file contanining a reference to pam_usb.so:

$ grep -r pam_usb /etc/pam.d

Remove .auth directories

Older versions of pam_usb used to create .auth directories in both the device and the user’s home directory. Those directories aren’t used anymore, so feel free to remove them:

# rm -rf /root/.auth
# rm -rf /home/scox/.auth
# rm -rf /media/usbdisk/.auth

Remove configuration files

As configuration files of pam_usb 0.4.0 aren’t backward compatible, the old /etc/pam_usb is no more needed.

# rm -rf /etc/pam_usb

Deinstall pam_usb

If you installed the old pam_usb version using your operating system’s package manager, then remove it by the same mean.

Otherwise, you can remove it by hand by performing the following instructions:

# rm -f /usr/bin/usbadm /usr/share/man/usbadm.1.gz
# rm -f /usr/bin/usbhotplug /etc/hotplug.d/default/pamusb.hotplug /etc/pam.d/usbhotplug
# rm -f /lib/security/pam_usb.so

Go aheand and install the new version.

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