Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my USB drive as usual ?
A: Yes. pam_usb only occupies a few kilobytes of the device’s space.
Q: What if I lose or break my USB key ? Will I be able to log back in ?
A: Sure. Your usual password will be asked.
Q: How is the USB key identified ?
A: The USB device is both identified by its manufacturer attributes (vendor, product, serial number) and by a few random bytes called one time pads that pam_usb writes and updates on the USB device upon authentication.
Q: What if someone copies the content of my flash drive ? Will she/he be able to log into my account ?
A: Even if that person manages to fake your device’s attributes (vendor, product, serial number, UUID), the one time pad they copied will be outdated as soon as you authenticate.
Q: Is my USB drive compatible with pam_usb ?
A: About every USB flash drive will work with pam_usb.
Q: I can’t authenticate anymore, pam_usb gives me the following error: Pad checking failed. What should I do ?
A: It’s a machine/device synchronization issue. To get rid of that error you have to reset the pads of your system by removing the .pamusb folder located on your home (/root/.pamusb/, /home/foobar/.pamusb/, etc).

**Q: ++ I have two USB drives both are in the pamusb.conf, however if i have the same user under both, then neither work. How to you make it work....?

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